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Discovering electro beats, hip-hop and incredible DJ sets at only seven years old; DJ IBARRA (born John Ibarra) was drawn into the music-scene by the sounds of the “baby scratch” and instantly began to connect to the vibrant sounds being created in the hip hop world. Around 2004, Ibarra began to turn his dreams of becoming a professional DJ into reality. Not quite at a point where he could afford to go out and buy his own equipment, he spent his days after school with a friend that would let him practice his skills on a pair of Technics 1200s and a Vestax mixer.

Spending all that time, love & effort towards building his skillset, developing his instincts and true love for the craft paved the way for new & exciting opportunities.

Around 2007, Ibarra became increasingly involved in the local scene; at this point he was now being sought out on a regular-basis making beats & recording tracks for talented upcoming artists like Semaj The Poet and many more.

The skills, music and talent were all there, but his true passions for his craft would take a momentary backseat as Ibarra continued on strongly into life as a man. He maintained his practice regimen between 2010-2013 as he developed a side-career and built up his finances to support buying all-new equipment to come back bursting brightly into the scene in late 2013, never looking back.

Today, Ibarra produces, edits, creates and records on a constant basis. With a live broadcast that takes place every month in addition to live shows taking place all over the Northern California & Bay area, Ibarra is currently mixing up the hottest & most vibrant sounds you can find in House/Reggae/Hip-Hop/R&B/D&B and Trap-music. Combining life-experience, intense skills and a true passion for music; Ibarra has become a sonic-force guaranteed to get the party-started and transforms musical-entertainment into one-of-a-kind unforgettable experiences night after night.

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